Tuesday, April 21, 2009

speaking in code

i first came across this trailer on the blog from philip sherburne.  he's kind of a big deal in the techno/music crit world.  at least i'd say he is.  he contributed interviews and has a small on screen roll, as a person who is active in the techno scene in europe.

what struck me is the fact that even if i couldn't necessarily understand the speaking parts (the audio is a little iffy), what i did understand, in conjunction with the music was a really strong magnetism to what the filmmakers were setting out to do.  which if i have my say on what they're doing, i'd say they're emphasizing the community that techno builds, across borders, languages, economic status etc.  the idiom that music is a universal language is tired, but I found myself truly wrapped up and swept along with the trailer.  i've never been to the giant clubs, attended festivals in europe, generally enjoyed techno (dance music in general) in its intended and public form.  but i feel like i had a pretty good understanding of what was happening and the vibe the filmmakers were attempting to create.

techno is a community as much as it is a style of music.  

being from indiana, i don't meet many people that enjoy this music, really at all, let a lone find people who will even give it the time of day.  most people don' t take the time because it has no lyrics, or "it's too repetitive" (which drives me nuts).   but when i do find someone who even has a passing interest in the same music, its pretty special.  there is all ready a bond that links the two of us together.  something similar to when two people share a mutual language in a foreign land.

in the past year or so i have come to realize how important community is to me.  being an only child i have always gotten swept up in group activities ie. Boy Scouting, a fraternity, and various orchestras.  i find techno is a similar venue that i turn to for community.  and being in a geographic location that isn't quite in tune with what i'm listening to, when i do find someone, its that much more exciting, a secret club.

well, all in all, i think this movie has the potential to explain/illuminate a lot more than just the fact that the music is cool and that you can dance to it.  not that techno needs any help, it's doing just fine, but i think positive documentaries that educate and entertain are few and far between.  i'm sad that i'm not going to be able to make it to the opening in boston in a few days, but i'm looking forward to the opportunity to purchase this if it comes to dvd.  and share with my friends.  in hopes of continuing to build up the community.

enjoy the trailer.  check out the website
congratulations to all who were involved in the making of this.  i wish them all the very best as they release this to the world.


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