Thursday, November 5, 2009


An online retailer, Boomkat, has a weekly-curated service, where they serve up 14 tracks handpicked that fit into some theme. A couple of weeks ago the theme was "Hauntology: A peculiar sonic fiction". Hauntology, as described by Wikipedia, is a musical idea that stems from sound studio experimentations, capturing the "cold-war dread" of the time; the word originally coming from Derrida as a way to describe how an idea can haunt and permeate thought, like Marxism did in his time.

Recently, a group of music journalist, Simon Reynolds most notably has brought this term and idea back into the popular consciousness by attaching it to artists such as Portishead, Burial and other brooders. Their music, included with others, is known for its ability to capture empty spaces, alleyways, ballrooms, etc. These grim and foreboding acoustics are mesmerizing, if you can wrap your mind around music as guide rather than music as purely entertainment. They use field recordings, samplings of old records, lots of recorded tape hiss, echo, reverb etc. The cliched idea of music underwater comes to mind.

They are creating music with two layers. The first layer is the form and melody we associate with music. The piano lines or drum loops, snippets of song here and there. The second layer is the distress, the grit, the dirt and haze. This second layer “haunts” the first, changing the way in which we understand the first layer of music. By bringing the second layer to the forefront, these artist are changing the overall portrait of their music, moving beyond simply what we hear, but what whe hear and what the presence of these sounds mean to us.

Thanks to Boomkat, I've been hooked by this strange blend of music and ideas. They're big fans of drone, ambient and generally formless types of music, and their fascination has infected me as well. My collection of these strange musical ideas is slowly growing, but i wanted to share some of these discoveries with you. My musical tastes seem to be very influenced by my environment, as I am now currently residing in Portland, which can lend itself to music not painted in primary colors.

Philip Jeck is a turntablist. Not Grand Master Flash or DJ Krush type of turntablist, but an artist who seeks to use records and the instruments that play them in new ways. Playing records at the incorrect speed, distressing records, looping and other creative ways to recontextualize their content. Notice how you can hear snippets of melody from a fanfare but it sounds like its been sped up or played at the wrong speed, almost like you can see the record spinning in a lopsided manner. All the melody is buried underneath a gauze of other sounds. It was shocking when I first heard it, but ultimately one of those albums you listen to again and again, learning and finding more each time.

Burial, as I mentioned earlier, couches his ideas of dance music within a larger context of atmosphere. Notice when the track begins you hear a gun loading, the beep of a train, and other sonic detritus. It feels like you're listening to someone play the song on the street, and you're hearing not only the music but everything that's happening around you. The rumble of the vehicles, grinding of buildings slowly decaying.... etc.

The Caretaker is more overt with these ideas. For this album he collected a bunch of old 78's ( i think) and recorded them playing their music. He added some echo and reverb, looped them and recorded the results. Its pretty, but underneath a haze of sonic grit from a distressed vinyl surface. I read in an article from The Guardian about his new album that's just come out and have been digging since then. Somewhere I read he takes his Caretaker vise from The Shining, Jack Nicholson's character and the the movie's large empty spaces.

I've been enjoying these artists and others quite a bit recently. The Portland sunshine has made it more poignant I'm sure. I tried to pick three sources that were pretty diverse; to give a better picture of the elements I'm focusing on here. I am interested with where these ideas can go. How much farther can one take tape hiss and distressed sound recordings? But for the moment I am enjoying the novelty and enjoy learning new things, digging about the Internet.

And if you want something a bit headier, check out Rouge's Foam, who recently just posted a massive article on the exact same topic. His is a more researched and academic. If you're interested, it's a great read.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mean Old Devil

After listening to a little late night working music, I turned to the recent Resident Advisor podcast #178, curated by Fever Ray.

WOW! If you're looking for something a little spooky and a little amazing, then check it out.

I love podcasts that give me something new to research and listen to. This podcast has given me Bruce Haack.

For your perusal, a little video. This song was in the podcast and it made me smile a big smile.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Halloween!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs @ Holocene 9/16/2009

After having a few days to let it soak in, its about time I take some time to share how the evening went.

First, it was a little strange how I heard about the event. I hadn't seen flyers or postcards or heard any local hype about the show. I'm still feeling the city out so that may explain why I hadn't heard any hype in person, but I would have expected some flyers, considering every telephone pole is plastered with them, each unique and quirky. I guess the event was really being overshadowed by MFNW, which is kind of like SXSW, but in Portland, and smaller. I've been hearing and seeing things everywhere for this event which is taking place all over Portland this week. But still, a world class dj/tastemaker coming to Portland on a tour that was only 10 dates. Maybe i'm just not used to a city actually getting artist to stop by, unlike Indianapolis. But regardless, I heard about the show on a news story on xlr8r two days prior to her appearance in portland. not knowing how many chances i'd get for an opportunity like this, after a day of ruminating, i bought my ticket.

Next, the Holocene. I did a little research to find out where this club was that would be housing a bass-erific evening. Turns out its like 15 blocks from my apartment. CRAZY. Theoretically i could have walked to the event, but i figured after an evening of bass weight i probably wouldn't want to hike home after 1am. Upon googling the event space, all the random reviews that popped up seemed pretty typical. "cool space, hip music, bartenders that are aloof and condescending" etc. I haven't been to a place like that in a long time, if ever (once again, Indianapolis is a very different city). They hype sounded like a proper venue for something like this, and made me a little nervous. I haven't been a scenester/hipster for a while and was worried that my rusty self would stick out like a soar thumb. But all in all, the club was really clean, neat, well lit, great soundsystem, and generally enjoyable clientele. The bartenders seemed busy enough, but considering the crowd, the bar did seem a little small. But whatever, i wasn't there to wait in line for drinks. (Important note: never get there early. I got there about 8:30pm and absolutely no one was there. I was chatting up the bartender for something to do as he got ready for the night. Its a weird feeling, worried about sticking out, and then getting there to a completely empty club. the bartender i chatted with was pretty friendly considering all the nasty things i heard about them through the reviews. one really cool thing was, as i was talking to him, mary anne hobbs walked in and straight to the back of the club. but she walked right past me, i could have reached out and touched her. very strange to see someone so close after hearing so much about them, and of them online from across an ocean.)

first up was tyler tastemaker, a local portland dubstep dj. A tall lanky fellow with long hair, and a propensity to nod to the beat. He was a fine warm-up dj. He was out in the lounge, a lowered dance floor from the bar. His tunes were well mixed and a proper warm up as people edged onto the dancefloor. I was near the back when that guy walked up to me and struck up a conversation (you know the type, the one that is drunk before anyone else, chatting up anyone who will listen. not a bad dude, just a little much too early on). He was telling me how Portlanders love to drink. Then they love to dance. I told him i was new to town and he gave me a friendly hard time, but told me i was in a great city that could get mary anne hobbs to come play at a venue like this. All in all, people warily began entering the dance floor, like animals entering a clearing after humans had traipsed through. things began to heat up and people were getting more and more into it. someone brought a big bag of balloons and glowropes and tossed them all over the dance floor for everyone to dance and have fun with. i grabbed a green glow guy. he started at quarter till 10ish, and played for little over an hour. not bad, and certainly great local flavor.

next up was alex b. he started up immediately after tyler tastemaker finished, keeping the momentum going. But he was in a second dance room, behind the room where the evening started. A little disorienting, but i guess the better soundsystem was in the smaller, secondary room. his sound is like eli0t lipp and flying lotus, with a healthy dose of w*nky effects. He played his set on a laptop, i'm assuming running ableton, and an effects board/mixer. Great sound, good vibe. Lots of energy, but i felt it started to get a little samey after a while. beats beats beats, bass drop, effect wash, beats beats beats. but all in all, he was entertaining to watch as it was clear he really enjoyed what he was doing. and that translated well onto the dance floor. check out his website for some nice mixtapes and other info.

as he finished up mary anne hobbs was lingering around behind the dj table, unwrapping her headphones, figuring out what she was gonna play first. people in the crowd were starting to get hyped. clearly the room was full of bass heads who knew what they were in for. one guy turned around and asked me "do you know who that is!?" with a smile that said it all. this was about to be special. with no introduction she lead off this tune, Joker-do it. i've know this tune for a while, but WOW, hearing it on that system was AMAZING. It is true, that dubstep is nice through headphones, great at home, but truly something special on a giant sound system, with bass rumbling your chest cavity. then after a few tunes she played the ubiquitous hyph mngo, almost getting it out of the way. I only recognized one other tune, gutter music. she did two rewinds. there was a lot of wobbley wobble, but it wasn't so bad considering the circumstances and the crowd. but the highlight for me was at the end of the set, when the cheering from us in the crown demanded a kind of encore, she played us a new headhunter tune that he had sent her that day. she let us know that we were the first in the world to hear the tune. which was a really cool feeling, like we were coconspirators. all in all, she was wonderful, a true entertainer. i guess that's to be expected since she does it for a living and has been doing it for a while.

all in all, it was a delightful evening. props to abstract earth project for getting in international beacon like mary ann hobbs, and putting it on at a great venue like the holocene. and especially props to mary anne hobbs, alex b and tyler tastemaker for putting on a great evening with great tunes. a fine way to spend a wednesday night.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

working on a new track.

finding my old copy of reason 2.0 was really a wonderful moment. it was like reconnecting with a long lost friend. due to an unfortunate updating process with my old laptop i was no longer able to work with reason, just as i was getting warmed up and really stretching my production skills. unfortunately, those tunes have been lost.

but since i've found the program again, i've been working on new material. i'm working hard to stay focused on one track until its complete and ready to send around to music labels and such. i think its paying off as the song i'm currently working on it developing. i started working on this track soon after i purchased a copy of the roots of el-b. check el-b out on myspace. his dark take on uk garage was suprisingly fresh sounding despite the fact that most of the tracks came out about 6 yrs ago. as dubstep gets fresher, and funky gets bigger, these older tracks came back with a pow pow. and the review on pitchfork didn't hurt either (considering they usually don't fully embrace dance albums the favorable review was refreshing).

so, to bring us back to where i started. i found reason and began writing music again. it was like i had been riding my bike all over the neighborhood as a kid and had a nasty fall. once i healed all up i was gingerly getting the feeling of the bike back under me and seeing how we could get along once more. well, i've been sweeping the cobwebs out and working on being more disciplined with my approach. i'm pretty proud of what i've developed so far. i'm also working on being more shrewd the synthesizers and drum machines, working on developing my sounds directly rather than relying on effects such as delay and reverb as heavily as i was before.

here it is. my baby. the track is about half done, structure wise. the end of the track is bridging into the second section of the song. hence the sudden cut off. but i'll keep you posted as it develops. any kind words or sound words of advice are indeed quite welcome.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

welcome to portland


i have a lot of free time on my hands, at least until i get a sweet job...., but to keep my brains in my head, i mix it up. the other night i was sounding pretty good so i decided to start recording in the middle of a session. here are the results. i'm pretty proud of it. i started out with a funky vibe and worked into a darker harder sound. let me know what you think. hopefully now that i'm in portland i can find a way to start doing this for more people, or doing these in a live setting, which would be ideal.

anyways, keep your fingers crossed that the radio station i've been hassling will email me back soon. if that happens i might get my own radio show. how sweet would that be! if that does indeed happen, stay tuned because i'm sure i'll tell you all about it.

okay, well, enough for now. stay tuned and enjoy the mix.

my my - everybody's talkin'
zed bias - givin' it up feat. pete simpson
ricardo villalobos - bahaha bahi
voodeux - the paranormal
claude von stroke - the whistler (aston shiuffle remix)
ben klock - pulse
giorgio gigli - self-reflection
radiohead - everything in its right place(Gilgamesh/DiscoTech Remix)
voodeux - bones
frozen border - 3.1
extrawelt - messy machinery
deuce - guttering
silent servant - violencia (function mix)
marcel dettmann - shatter proof
ben klock - gloaming
shed - slow motion replay
bloody mary - interlude

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new mixtape!

my dear friends. here is a new mixtape of beats for you. I figured this is to anticipate our going away party that is happening this weekend. Feel free to download and enjoy. If you can't download, I can burn it for you when i see you this weekend.

Hopefully, my next mix will be from portland. We'll see how that great adventure goes. I might post some other tidbits from that journey here as well. so stay tuned. excitement is everywhere!

1. Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass
2. P.O.S. The Basics (Alright)
3. DJ Krush - Kill Switch with Aesop Rock
4. Dam Funk - Toeachizown
5. J Dilla - On Stilts
6. Ratatat - track 6 (from 9 beats)
7. Astronautilis - Dinner with Andy
8. 13 & God - Afterclap
9. Bonobo - Recurring
10. Gold Panda - Quitters Raga
11. Múm - Faraway Swimming Pool

Saturday, August 1, 2009

haven't enjoyed drum and bass in a long while. this album is resonating with me quite a bit. a little bit of everything, dub chords, micro rhythms, sub bass... really fresh. the more i listen it probably feels a little more like electronica than real drum and bass, but electronica is such a trash word that really doesn't mean anything, but makes you think of airport music and cheesy syths.

really fresh and mature. think porcelain, bone, electric wires, windmills and rubber cement.

besides, the track: song about my dog, is about his pug.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


YAY! new mix up. for your information, this mix is part one. part two will be coming probably next week. (give you some time to digest this one).
I sat down and wanted to play with some new tracks i had and ended up mixing for almost two hours, thus splitting this mix into two parts. this half is solely dubstep. i pull a few tricks with looping and beatmashing and a few effects but mostly just putting tracks together that sound good. i'm a big fan of openings and closings, hence the openning track playing again at the end. it also opens the second mix, but you'll hear that one later.

figured i'd post the mix tracklist here for easy reference.

l-viz - girl from codeine city
ramadanman - revenue (untold remix)
various production - sweentess
joker & rustie - play doe
scuba - klinik
untold - anaconda
kode 9 - bad
fantastic mr. fox - bleep show
anstam - cree b
jamie vex'd - in system travel
burial - etched headplate
zomby - test me for a reason
ital tek - massive error
martyn - velvet
boxcutter - foxy
pangaea - bear witness
pangaea - deviant
ikonika - millie
2562 - kameleon
l-viz - girl from codeine city

Friday, June 19, 2009

get that groove out, makin' changes

i feel like i need to do a better job at presenting my media on this here blog. so i did a little snooping around the blogosphere to find a way to embed my mixes directly, so its easier for one to play and listen right there. i remembered philip sherburne posted a bunch of mixes he made a while ago. so i figured i'd give it a try.

let me know if you like the mix, or the format. also, if you make music, share it via the drop box up in the corner. if its fantastic, i'll post it here. or put it in a mix. or just tell everyone how awesome you are. come join the fun! hop along cassidy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

get that groove out

awesome.  through a series of events i was inspired to make a mix.  its been a while since i posted one so i though t i should quit being selfish and share with you all.  the opening sample is janis joplin.  there's a little goldfrapp as well. pretty saucy.

check it out here.

let me know what you think. i'll post a playlist soon, once i go back and sort it all out.  i figured i'd strike while the proverbial iron was hot.

Monday, May 11, 2009

26 mixes for cash

a little background on this album

if you are not familiar with Richard D James, or Aphex Twin 

i purchased this double cd back in 2003, prior to my graduation from high school.  i had been a fan of aphex twin for a while, owning a handful of his earlier cds.  i loved the glitched out sounds of the richard d james album.  one could argue that at the time i was attracted by the sounds that were upfront, lacking a kind of subtlety.  whatever it was i loved it.  i had never heard anything like that, music with drum lines smeared into fast moving rolls coming in and out of the capability of being produced by a human.  i had been performing as a cellist in orchestras for about 6 years at that time and aphex twin was so alien to what i had been around.  

and the other half of his work also spoke to me.  while being capable of writing abrasive and almost harmful music; he was also able to write melodies on the piano with a softness likening him to Satie.  

for your consideration

clearly this man is/was a genius.  

so back to my original story.  i bought this album with high hopes.  needless to say i listened to it and was stricken with horror that there were perhaps only 2 songs over the two cds that were riddled with machine gun drum loops.  the wilting beauty was around, but always half submerged and not clear enough for my brain to really latch on to. so as many cds i have purchased over the years, it went in a stack in my room to a shelf to a cd case to a box to the basement.  

today, while visiting with my parents for mothers day and a microvacation, i was at a loss for something to listen to, having only my laptop and ipod, which do not mesh well with my parents' new sound system.  down to the basement i went, finding the boxes and boxes of old cds i am storing there.  much to my suprise i found 26 mixes for cash and decided to give it another try.  i have tried many times to give this album another chance, each time i wasn never able to really give it a good listen.  

clearly today is the day.  its always a wonder for me when i rediscover cds i purchased years ago and find them satisfying so long after i had forgotten about them.  have i grown in my musical tastes?  have i opened my mind beyond what i liked and didn't like as a high schooler?  well i should hope so.  but i also wonder if the reason i can enjoy this cd now is perhaps the time has come around again for aphex twin.

these songs are weird, to put it bluntly.  but with the current state of things, everything either is either garbage can or will be there soon due to our negligence.  at the same time we're filled with hope at our new administration here in the states.   people are terrified but also stricken with a strange kind of hopefullness that keeps the trains chugging along.   this album is good to listen to because its weird and resonating with my personal experiences, private and public.  a little weirdness, a little beauty, a little hard edge.

and citing the wikipedia article, this album is a big joke too.  richard d james was paid for the remixes, yet they barely resemble the original.  basically he was paid to write new songs, under the guise of remixing.  i love it when people are taken advantage of because they don't know what they're getting into.  requesting probably the greatest electronic mind of our days to remix some obscure bands track is like asking Einstein to help you with your physics homework.

but all in all i have found a new friend this sunny afternoon.  a new old friend really.  expect a new mix coming soon where some of these strange tunes are sure to pop up.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Step To It!

get your groovin' shoes out.   i've worked up a new mix for you that i would like to share.  this one is a dubstep mix i made earlier in the week, but figure friday is a perfect day to put it up here.

when i stumbled across dubstep, it had many musical ideas that i found exciting.   i had loved drum and bass for a long time in high school but found it to grow stagnant. but i still loved the emphasis on rhythms and heavy bass lines.  then i heard the second burial album.  the slinky drum lines, swung so they weren't in perfect time. with dollops of bass whipped in for good measure.  the rainy melancholy was refreshing too since most drum and bass is/was macho posturing.

what really struck me were the percussive lines.  they weren't 4x4, kick drums on the quarter notes.  but more like hip hop. a 2x4 line skeleton. kick drums spaced out a little more sparsely, with snares to punctuate and give the measure some backbone.  give it a little rhythmic lean.  they were way more interesting that the breaks that i had grown tired of in drum and bass. each song was pretty unique.  obviously there were variations on similar themes, but there  is enough interesting deviations to show that there are some real beatsmiths out there.  and i can really appreciate that.

i'm pretty proud of this mix.  and it holds a special place for me because it's the first dubstep mix i've shared online yet. i've made mixes for friends and given them out, but never posted them.  i have my opinions of strong and weaker spots. but i would love to hear what you think.  i will say one of my favorite spots is around min 37, the transition between headhunter and boxcutter. the drums and weird sounds create this really cool moment.  i have a lot to learn in the ways of mixing dubstep but i always really enjoy it because it takes a different touch than techno and house, obviously because its not just lining up kick drums.  but out of it comes these really intricate percussive moments that really shine for me.  all of my favorites made it on here, scuba, martyn, shackleton, zomby, with some other exciting tracks and remixes sprinkled in.  one i downloaded from another one i found while "cratedigging" on  another one was recommended by the excellent online store boomkat.

various productions - thunnk
fever ray - when i grow up (scuba's up high remix)
spatial - 70707
f - the untitled dub
badawai vs. juakali - crows 
horace andy/ashley beedle - watch we (pinch remix)
2562 - morvern
starkey - striking distance
zomby - mu5h
headhunter - prototype
boxcutter - lunal
appleblim - vansan (T++ remix)
scuba - the upside (martyn's down mix)
shakleton - naked (shakleton - tin foil sky)

as always, the mix was made in real time.  i planned this playlist out more than my previous mixes. i think i could still tweak until its perfect, but then again, i know i'm my harshest critic, especially when it comes to these mixes.  so i release it unto you via teh interwebs.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

speaking in code

i first came across this trailer on the blog from philip sherburne.  he's kind of a big deal in the techno/music crit world.  at least i'd say he is.  he contributed interviews and has a small on screen roll, as a person who is active in the techno scene in europe.

what struck me is the fact that even if i couldn't necessarily understand the speaking parts (the audio is a little iffy), what i did understand, in conjunction with the music was a really strong magnetism to what the filmmakers were setting out to do.  which if i have my say on what they're doing, i'd say they're emphasizing the community that techno builds, across borders, languages, economic status etc.  the idiom that music is a universal language is tired, but I found myself truly wrapped up and swept along with the trailer.  i've never been to the giant clubs, attended festivals in europe, generally enjoyed techno (dance music in general) in its intended and public form.  but i feel like i had a pretty good understanding of what was happening and the vibe the filmmakers were attempting to create.

techno is a community as much as it is a style of music.  

being from indiana, i don't meet many people that enjoy this music, really at all, let a lone find people who will even give it the time of day.  most people don' t take the time because it has no lyrics, or "it's too repetitive" (which drives me nuts).   but when i do find someone who even has a passing interest in the same music, its pretty special.  there is all ready a bond that links the two of us together.  something similar to when two people share a mutual language in a foreign land.

in the past year or so i have come to realize how important community is to me.  being an only child i have always gotten swept up in group activities ie. Boy Scouting, a fraternity, and various orchestras.  i find techno is a similar venue that i turn to for community.  and being in a geographic location that isn't quite in tune with what i'm listening to, when i do find someone, its that much more exciting, a secret club.

well, all in all, i think this movie has the potential to explain/illuminate a lot more than just the fact that the music is cool and that you can dance to it.  not that techno needs any help, it's doing just fine, but i think positive documentaries that educate and entertain are few and far between.  i'm sad that i'm not going to be able to make it to the opening in boston in a few days, but i'm looking forward to the opportunity to purchase this if it comes to dvd.  and share with my friends.  in hopes of continuing to build up the community.

enjoy the trailer.  check out the website
congratulations to all who were involved in the making of this.  i wish them all the very best as they release this to the world.


Monday, April 20, 2009

the first and foremost

This is it! The premiere of my music blog.  I feel this blog has been in the works for a very long time.  dating all the way back to me posting songs on my livejournal account and reccounting my music purchases with thumbnail descriptions back a few years ago.  and recently i began to post music mixes i had made to my facebook account.

well now that is all going to change.  the purpose of this blog is to be a collection point, a junk drawer, of my musical ramblings and musical ideas.  i'll post everything here, purchases, musings, future mixes old mixes, just so its all in one place.  makes it easier for me and hopefully easier for others to find this blog and spend a few minutes with me as i try to discern what's going on between my ears.

to celebrate, i'll post up a few mixes.

this is the first mix i posted on facebook.  its hip-hop inspired. roughly 90-100 bpm and about 20min long.  a little fun and kinda groovy.  
1. body movin'(fatboy slim remix) - beastie boys
2. the blackhole - dj krush
3.rap tight - eliot lipp
(grapesicles (samiyam remix) - flying lotus
4.gng bng - flying lotus
5. still dre (megasoid remix) - dr. dre
6. superstar - lupe fiasco
7. crooked - rustie

here's the second hip-hop inspired mix. again about 20min long, 90-100bpm and a little more melancholy than the last mix.
13 & God - Afterclap
Telepopmusik - Last Train to Wherever
Dj Krush - Candle Chant (A Tribute) ft. Boss the MC
Jel - To Buy a Car
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye Remix)
Kiln - Isthmus
Porthishead - Deep Water

this is out of chronological order, but i'll keep them in genre order. this is the third hip-hop mix i did, most recently, still has the headbob of hip-hop with strange cuts in there to keep it interesting. the part i am proudest about is the technology i was using to make this mix. this is the first mix i posted while using traktor pro and my dj steel mp3 controller. i utilized the looping function at the beginning of this mix. picking the bass synth line and then over it putting a beat from the second fever ray song to make my own intro. i was really proud of this mix. still am frankly.
fever ray - if i had a heart/concrete walls
odd nosdam - fat hooks
circlesquare - stop taking (so many)
madlib - sacrifice (beat-a-holic thoughts)
hudson mowhawke - overnight
dabrye - magic says
subtle - midas gutz
beck - gamma ray
fever ray - if i had a heart

this next mix is housey. that means rather than the boom-bap of the previous two mixes, we have a steady kick drum hitting on the 1-2-3-4.
ben klock - pulse
seth troxler - aphrika
ryan crosson, reference - the bumps
justice - d.a.n.c.e
simian mobile disco - sleep deprivation
stimming & einmusik - madleine
matthew dear - don and sherri (hot chip version)
nelly furtato feat. timbaland - promiscuous girl (axwell remix)
zed bias - rouge frequency feat fyza
dapayk - 10 minutes of fame
shed - that beats everything! (vinyl version)
gui boratto - haute couture
daft punk - crescendolls
patrice baumel - clair
intrusion - angel version feat. paul st. hilaire
telepopmusik - L'Incertitude D'Heisenberg

well that's the collection of all my old mixes.  here are two new ones, fresh off the harddrive for you.

housey mix 2.  i don't have a direct playlist written up for this yet.  probably won't because the beginning is kinda complex.  taking what i did with the previous housey mix and the 3rd beatmix, i splice together two tracks, beats from one looped over a second song to give it some more backbone.  then for the second half i drop the back up beats and get a little more varied.  also the last track i wanted to throw that in because its just crazy.

pantha du prince - saturn probe (ellen allien - alles sehen)
the chemical brothers with the klaxons - all rights reversed (mike ink. - ?don't remember what it is)
martyn - shadowcasting (pangaea - deviant)
donnacha costello - trust (ben klock & marcell dettmann - blank scenario)
modeselektor - i can't sleep (without music) (mike ink. - same track as before....i think)
radio slave - bell clap dance
lcd soundsystem - yeah yeah (crass version)
claro intellecto - rise
pigon - beau monde
daft punk - around the world
ricardo villalobos - hireklon
rustie - zig-zag

here's a more techno feel mix. i did this one yesterday. realizing as i was writing up the tracklist of the last mix, i have some repeats in this one. in fact they're almost in the same order, which is a little embarassing but i can overlook it becuase i'm pretty proud of this mix.  when i say techno, rather than house, i have a very specific sound in mind.  describing the rift between house and techno is very difficult for anyone not familiar with either.  but in a quick summation of what i think the difference is, good house should have a funky kind of swagger.  you can hear it in almost every daft punk song. think big black divas singing over ritzy cymbal patterns with a squiggly bass line.  thats what i think of when i think house.  new york city. 
techno is much more vertical in my mind.  disregarding the horizontal swagger and sex of house music, techno prefers the up and down hypnosis of strong kick drums and almost mechanical patterns.  people describe it as a stripped back sound, which i could agree with, but what really resonates with me is the hypnotic repetition.   in addition to repeats, you'll see some of the same names from the last mix.  i have some favorites for a variety of reason.  mike ink is fun becuase his tracks are so muscular, yet very sparse. useful tracks really.  ben klock and marcell dettmann are two german fellows that i really admire for their use of sounds.  at first glimpse the sound very dry and businesslike, yet upon further investigation their songs really open up headspace when listening.  its all in the details for them.  every sound you hear they have very purposely put there, whether its a hazy fog sound or a faint melodic plinking... all very striking.  claro intellecto has become someone that i enjoy playing, has his fingers in many different pots.  the song i've used for these two mixes, rise is a striking song because it basically consists of 3 parts. a drum line, some grey sounding synth effects, and the plinking/plunking sound that stumbles and trips through the whole song.  he chops it up and chops it up, rearraging it over the steady kick drum so its rhythms align and realign again and again.  great song.  radio slave, another repeater is quickly working into my library.  i would use him to act as the other pole in the techno world.  ben klock/marcell dettmann have a very specific stripped back sound.  radio slave, from what i have heard, has a very driving sound, but with much more color and melody.  we're not talking big emotional, hands in the air synth lines, but more like he's not afraid of putting a little melody up front.  but don't get confused, its still driving and repetitive and overall pretty wonderful.

shackleton - death is not final
model 500 - starlight (echospace unreleased dub)
mike ink. - red
argenis brito - unreality
voodeux - skeleton key
claro intellecto - rise
radio slave - bell clap dance
marcell dettmann - quicksand
gonno - i don't need competition (donnacha costello remix)
kerri chandler - pong (ben klock's bones & strings rework)
daft punk - too long

well that wraps up my innagural post. i'm going to try to update this with some kind of regularity. it'll be good for me to display the discipline i'm learning regarding my mixing and apply it to this.  
i'll be posting more mixes as i make them. also expect more musings regarding techno, house, dubstep and everything else. stay tuned, big things are too come.