Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new mixtape!

my dear friends. here is a new mixtape of beats for you. I figured this is to anticipate our going away party that is happening this weekend. Feel free to download and enjoy. If you can't download, I can burn it for you when i see you this weekend.

Hopefully, my next mix will be from portland. We'll see how that great adventure goes. I might post some other tidbits from that journey here as well. so stay tuned. excitement is everywhere!

1. Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass
2. P.O.S. The Basics (Alright)
3. DJ Krush - Kill Switch with Aesop Rock
4. Dam Funk - Toeachizown
5. J Dilla - On Stilts
6. Ratatat - track 6 (from 9 beats)
7. Astronautilis - Dinner with Andy
8. 13 & God - Afterclap
9. Bonobo - Recurring
10. Gold Panda - Quitters Raga
11. Múm - Faraway Swimming Pool

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