Sunday, September 6, 2009

welcome to portland


i have a lot of free time on my hands, at least until i get a sweet job...., but to keep my brains in my head, i mix it up. the other night i was sounding pretty good so i decided to start recording in the middle of a session. here are the results. i'm pretty proud of it. i started out with a funky vibe and worked into a darker harder sound. let me know what you think. hopefully now that i'm in portland i can find a way to start doing this for more people, or doing these in a live setting, which would be ideal.

anyways, keep your fingers crossed that the radio station i've been hassling will email me back soon. if that happens i might get my own radio show. how sweet would that be! if that does indeed happen, stay tuned because i'm sure i'll tell you all about it.

okay, well, enough for now. stay tuned and enjoy the mix.

my my - everybody's talkin'
zed bias - givin' it up feat. pete simpson
ricardo villalobos - bahaha bahi
voodeux - the paranormal
claude von stroke - the whistler (aston shiuffle remix)
ben klock - pulse
giorgio gigli - self-reflection
radiohead - everything in its right place(Gilgamesh/DiscoTech Remix)
voodeux - bones
frozen border - 3.1
extrawelt - messy machinery
deuce - guttering
silent servant - violencia (function mix)
marcel dettmann - shatter proof
ben klock - gloaming
shed - slow motion replay
bloody mary - interlude


  1. hey, hello stranger :)
    i saw your blog from a comment in LWE and couldn't help myself but notice this mix, defo good stuff here! i was also curious to hear extrawelt + dettmann & klock mixed, the result is great, defo my part is the second (or ok, after ben klock - pulse hah), and loveee voodeux - bones!! very nice =) greetings

    ah yeah, and the last track.. ace!

  2. thanks for the kind words and for visiting. stay tuned, more to come.