Wednesday, September 16, 2009

working on a new track.

finding my old copy of reason 2.0 was really a wonderful moment. it was like reconnecting with a long lost friend. due to an unfortunate updating process with my old laptop i was no longer able to work with reason, just as i was getting warmed up and really stretching my production skills. unfortunately, those tunes have been lost.

but since i've found the program again, i've been working on new material. i'm working hard to stay focused on one track until its complete and ready to send around to music labels and such. i think its paying off as the song i'm currently working on it developing. i started working on this track soon after i purchased a copy of the roots of el-b. check el-b out on myspace. his dark take on uk garage was suprisingly fresh sounding despite the fact that most of the tracks came out about 6 yrs ago. as dubstep gets fresher, and funky gets bigger, these older tracks came back with a pow pow. and the review on pitchfork didn't hurt either (considering they usually don't fully embrace dance albums the favorable review was refreshing).

so, to bring us back to where i started. i found reason and began writing music again. it was like i had been riding my bike all over the neighborhood as a kid and had a nasty fall. once i healed all up i was gingerly getting the feeling of the bike back under me and seeing how we could get along once more. well, i've been sweeping the cobwebs out and working on being more disciplined with my approach. i'm pretty proud of what i've developed so far. i'm also working on being more shrewd the synthesizers and drum machines, working on developing my sounds directly rather than relying on effects such as delay and reverb as heavily as i was before.

here it is. my baby. the track is about half done, structure wise. the end of the track is bridging into the second section of the song. hence the sudden cut off. but i'll keep you posted as it develops. any kind words or sound words of advice are indeed quite welcome.

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  1. i like the part in the middle, if you look at the track visually it's the part where the little hairy guys becomes the big steady part. xox