Sunday, July 12, 2009


YAY! new mix up. for your information, this mix is part one. part two will be coming probably next week. (give you some time to digest this one).
I sat down and wanted to play with some new tracks i had and ended up mixing for almost two hours, thus splitting this mix into two parts. this half is solely dubstep. i pull a few tricks with looping and beatmashing and a few effects but mostly just putting tracks together that sound good. i'm a big fan of openings and closings, hence the openning track playing again at the end. it also opens the second mix, but you'll hear that one later.

figured i'd post the mix tracklist here for easy reference.

l-viz - girl from codeine city
ramadanman - revenue (untold remix)
various production - sweentess
joker & rustie - play doe
scuba - klinik
untold - anaconda
kode 9 - bad
fantastic mr. fox - bleep show
anstam - cree b
jamie vex'd - in system travel
burial - etched headplate
zomby - test me for a reason
ital tek - massive error
martyn - velvet
boxcutter - foxy
pangaea - bear witness
pangaea - deviant
ikonika - millie
2562 - kameleon
l-viz - girl from codeine city

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