Friday, February 26, 2010

The Great OBRX Returns - Friday Mix Club 01

Hello and salutations! Here's the first Friday Mix Club entry, The Great OBRX Returns - Friday Mix Club 01.

The title refers to the first song I used. It's a song I composed back in high school, but for some reason, when I slowed it down a bunch and stuck it with the second track it worked pretty well. The guise I wrote under was obviously OBRX.

Hope you enjoy what I wrassled up. Nothing too dancy, but good for listening for sure. I snuck some great tunes in there. Listen up and enjoy. This mix also completments the weather here in Portland today, kinda cold and wet. Let me know what you think? Do your listening choices reflect your surroundings? or weather? Mine do, absolutely.

Anyways, hope you enjoy. Be sure to check in next week for 002.

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