Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backstreet's Back, Allright!

That's right. The Back Street Boys are back. Truly.

Things have been pretty quiet here lately. But, breaking the silence, here's some exciting news. Thanks to some surprising zeitgeist, I'm putting together a 90's megamix of tracks I enjoyed, back when I was actually living in the 90's. I've got some really great tracks, ones that I remember from the times. My project is to make them fit together somehow and present it here as the 10th Friday Mix Club. I also think this will be the end of the Friday Mix Club. I started the project as a fun way to spend my Fridays before heading out to hang with friends. However, since then my life has changed dramatically and I won't really be able to continue this project. I'm starting my masters program in a week and doubt I'll be able to continue this. That doesn't mean I'll stop mixing, but I think the particular idea behind this series is coming to an end. In the mean time, feel free to go back and listen to all the past episodes here. Hit me up if you'd like me to post the episodes as downloads.

Hopefully I will finally get to working on posting some thoughts on releases I've been enjoying recently. Thanks to my position with LWE, I've been receiving hoards and hoards of promos. When this month's chart goes live I'll be posting that here. I'll also begin to post links to my weekly column. All in all, this blog is getting flabby and needs to shape up.

Anyways, stay tuned as I should have the mix up by Friday. More news then!

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